The Benefits of Travel Insurance


As we steadily approach the end of 2013, many of us are probably starting to prepare and plan for our December holidays.

Whether you’re road-tripping it to one of South Africa’s gorgeous seaside resorts, or jet-setting off to some fabulous tropical island getaway, there are a lot of factors to be taken into consideration before embarking on your holiday.

One such factor that’s crucial to take care of before you leave is ensuring that you have adequate travel insurance in place. 

Why get travel insurance?

When purchasing travel insurance, many tend to do so begrudgingly. Travel insurance isn’t the type of purchase from which might not necessarily benefit, certainly immediately.

However, travel insurance is important because it provides the peace of mind that should something happen to you while you’re away, you’ll be covered financially for any emergency.

[tip title=”moneysmart tip”]When it comes to going on holiday, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. With the right travel insurance product, you can be covered financially for virtually any emergency– whether it’s a medical crisis, personal accident cancelled or delayed travel plans, or even the loss or theft of your personal belongings.[/tip] 

Where should you get your travel insurance? 

There are a large number of different travel insurance options from which you can choose. With such a wide range of options, however, trying to decide which is best for your individual needs can be somewhat challenging. 

If you’re struggling to find a great travel insurance package for your next trip then look no further than Travelsafe, a local service that provides travellers with excellent insurance that’s great value for money. 

Partnered with Regent Insurance Company, Travelsafe is a reliable travel insurance resource that helps you get the best travel insurance cover quickly, safely and extremely easily. 

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What are the benefits of travel insurance from Travelsafe? 

Besides the obvious peace of mind that travel insurance provides, there are of course a host of other great benefits that you receive. 

These are just some of the awesome benefits you’ll enjoy with travel insurance from Travelsafe: 


For International Travel

For Domestic Travel


R28 per day

R14 per day

Personal Accident



Emergency Medical and Related Expenses

R10 million

Cancellation and Curtailment



Loss and Theft of Personal Items



Personal Liability

R2 million

R2 million

Travel Delay (delayed more than 4 hours)



Missed Connection (more than 6 hours)



Theft or Damage to Luggage



Accidental Loss of Luggage



Baggage Delay (more than 6 hours)



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