The Medical Aid Benefits You’re Not Taking Advantage of


How well do you know your medical aid? Do you know which benefits make your medical aid different from other schemes? Taking advantage of all the benefits you can could help you get value from the ever increasing costs of having a medical aid. Read on to find the medical aid benefit that could save you money and keep you healthy.

Checkups with Momentum Health

One of the best ways to stay healthy is to have regular checkups, because prevention is always better (and cheaper) than treatment. Momentum Health offers a range of checkups to their subscribers, with benefits that fall under their Health Platform. Some of these benefits include (listed here with the 2013 values):

  • Childhood Immunisations (up to age 6) – R2 922
  • Dental examination – R222
  • General physical exam – R290
  • Gynae visit and papsmear – R458
  • Mammogram – R1 084
  • Prostate Screening – R245
  • Blood Sugar Test – R44.50
  • Cholesterol Test – R97.40

That’s almost R6 000 in savings, not to mention the savings you make if a checkup catches a problem before it becomes expensive.

Maternity Benefits with Bonitas

On Bonitas Medical Scheme, Medihelp Medical Scheme and Momentum Health, you receive some really amazing maternity benefits – even if you’re only on a Hospital Plan.

All you need to do to enjoy these benefits is to be pregnant and to register on the scheme’s maternity programme.

So what do you get? Depending on your scheme and option, the benefits could include the following:

  • Gynae visits (8 or 12)
  • 2 x pregnancy scans
  • Paediatrician visits

Discovery Health’s Subsidised Gym Membership

On Discovery Health medical aid you can enjoy great savings on your gym membership if you belong to the Vitality wellness programme. In effect your gym membership is subsidised by your medical aid.

On Vitality you get up to 80% savings on your gym membership at Virgin Active or Planet Fitness. Monthly gym fees can be anything between R250 to R400 per month, so an 80% saving will give you back R200 to R320.

Pay Groceries With Your Medical Aid

Discovery has partnered with Pick and Pay and Woolworths, to encourage their subscribers to eat healthier. Here’s how it works: you buy groceriess and the medical aid gives you back 25% on your purchases of healthy foods.

There are over 11 000 Healthy Food items to choose from. So if you are on Discovery Vitality, don’t neglect to activate your Healthy Food benefit at and start eating better!

But that’s not all, visit your medical scheme’s website for more information on their unique benefits or contact your medical aid advisor. You could be missing out on great savings with benefits that help you stay healthy and put money back into your wallet.


About Author

Nelda Celliers is a medical aid advisor based in Cape Town. She has a Higher Certificate in Insurance through the Insurance Institute of South Africa. Nelda obtained her licenses from the Financial Services Board and Council for Medical Schemes to operate her own medical aid practice, Medical Benefit Advisors.