The Battle Of The Sexes With Car Insurance


Car insurance rates have been proven to differ from men to women. It seems women sometimes receive far cheaper premiums for the same stats – why?

The Statistics When It Comes to Men and Women’s Car Insurance

Battle of the sexes with car insurance premiums

According to numerous studies, the reason why women pay less for car insurance is often phrased incorrectly. Instead of saying women are better drivers we should say they are safer and more responsible.

What Causes a Man’s Premium to be Higher?

  • The type of cars typically driven by men
  • The frequency of accidents
  • Risky driving behaviour
  • The fact that men, apparently, drive further on a daily basis, on average

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What Causes Women’s Premiums to be Lower?

  • Less likely to get into accidents
  • Less likely to commit violations such as speeding and driving under the influence
  • On average, drive shorter distances – less time on the road means less risk

How Can Men Lower Their Car Insurance Premiums?

Gender is not the only factor brought into account when calculating your car insurance premium. There are other factors you can consider to lower your premium, many of which you actually have control over:

  1. Age – as is known, younger, less experienced drivers have higher insurance premiums. This usually drops after you turn 25, but is dependent on your individual insurance provider.
  2. Occupation – if you are on the road for most of the day, for your job, you are considered more of a risk. More time on the road means an increased likelihood of a car accident.
  3. Where you live – is your car parked behind a locked gate? What is the crime rate and population in your neighbourhood? Insurance providers want to know the likelihood of your car getting stolen or into an accident.
  4. Married – a second pair of eyes on the road never hurt anyone and insurance providers recognise this.
  5. Credit score – your spending habits will be taken into account as well as your ability to pay your bills on time. The lower your credit score, the higher your car insurance premiums.


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