Preparing Your Tax Return

All you need to know about Tax E-filing preparation for tax returns. Easy-to-use income tax calculators, the latest SARS tax tables and the best tax advice by TaxTim with moneysmart.



2 Capital Gains Tax Explained

Capital Gains Tax can affect all individuals, not only the wealthy. It’s important to educate yourself about what this tax is and how it affects you.

Practical Tips
0 Tax Tips from moneysmart and TaxTim

General tax tips from moneysmart and TaxTim to take out all the hassle of doing your taxes.

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0 Doing Your Taxes Has Never Been This Easy!

With TaxTim, doing your taxes is as easy as having a conversation. And now Tim speaks Afrikaans, Zulu and Xhosa so everyone can chat to Tim!

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