Read This Before Signing Up For Discovery Vitality…


Discovery Vitality is the wellness programme from Discovery Health that rewards you for getting healthier. It is a points-based system where you get points for improving your health. Sounds like a win-win for you and Discovery, right? Let’s investigate how it works and whether it works for you.

How do I earn points?

You earn points based on many different activities you can perform towards improving your health. For example, a Non-Smoker’s Declaration can earn you 5000 points and health check-ups like Mammograms and Prostate checks can earn you 2500 points. You also earn points for going to the gym regularly or tracking your runs using smartphone apps or GPS-enabled devices. The wide range of devices makes it easier to choose something that fits your needs; you don’t have to join a gym, if you don’t want to, to earn points. You also get points for buying healthy foods from Pick n Pay or Woolworths with their HealthyFood Benefits.

What’s my status?

Points you earn are updated regularly and your status is based on how many you have. Individuals start at the Blue tier, 15000 points moves you up to Bronze, 35000 to Silver and 45000 for Gold. Getting to Gold requires that you really commit to the program and meet a number of health goals. Diamond status is reserved for people who have maintained their gold status for at least three years.

How can I spend my points?

You can redeem your rewards in many ways, just as you can earn points in many ways. As a start, the HealthFood benefit gives you up to 25% off on healthy foods. This means you can cut your monthly food expenses just by eating healthy. You can even get 8 times as many Smart Shopper points if you pay with your Vitality card. A StatSA study states that South African households spend 12.8% of their budget on food. So if you budget R10,000 per month and mostly eat healthy, you can save R320 per month (R3840 per year).

Other rewards include:

  • Discounts on gym memberships, up to 25% cash back on Clicks products and up to 25% cash back on sports gear and equipment from Total Sports.
  • Travel rewards include discounts on major airlines, Tsogo Sun hotels and discounts on car hire and bus services.
  • Diamond tier members can get discounts on Contiki Holidays, World Leisure Holiday and Royal Caribbean International.

You get loyalty points called Discovery Miles if you use the Vitality Card and these can be spent on anything from books and entertainment to gifts and travel at the Discovery Mall .

What do I pay? How do I join?

Fees for the programme start from R169 upwards (with additional charges for family members).

Overall, Discovery Vitality is a great product that helps you improve your health and your financial well-being. But be aware of the fineprint. Each benefit has rules and it can get quite complex to understand what you actually get at the end of the day, but it’s worthwhile – even if it’s just for the HealthFood Benefits. So if you’re a Discovery Health customer:

1. Read up on all the literature and fine print.
2. Assess what you eat and use the example above to calculate your savings.
3. Join Discovery Vitality, earn points, spend rewards and lead a healthy lifestyle.


About Author

Tejashree is a post-graduate student in Biotechnology who wasn't too interested in saving and investing money, but she quickly learnt that saving is necessary to achieve the things that she really wanted in life. She thinks money management is about doing the small things right, paying attention to the details and being disciplined. The big things take care of themselves if you do the small things right.