Online Shopping Review: Buying Cosmetics on the Internet


Hello, my name is Lyle Lackay. And I’m addicted to cosmetics. Nevertheless, even without the pesky fixation, buying just the basics has become a rather expensive process.

Often bouncing between Dischem and Clicks one can yield some great discounts, awesome specials and a few savings.

But, if you’re not into comparative shopping and pamphlet scanning (like I am), perhaps this option might not be right for you.

However, since the dawn of the internet age we now have even more choices of where and how we spend our money – online cosmetic shops being just one of the many alternatives.

Recently, for the purpose of exploration, I decided to purchase my bare essentials at an online health store, HealthCart, and then compared this experience to my usual Clicks shopping trip.

Let’s take a look shall we?

Online Shopping Experience

Clicks, on a Saturday morning, is definitely not for the fainthearted – long queues, crowded aisles and crying babies can turn a simple shopping trip into a nightmare.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that navigating HealthCart is a much easier and less stressful process than going into a physical store.

Merchandise is easy to find on the site, and if you encounter any problems, the handy “search” option makes sure you always find what you’re looking for.

Product Availability

I was rather surprised at the wide range of products on offer. From the very basic products to the more luxury items, online shopping portal can certainly compete with traditional retailers in regards to range.

Apart from one or two out-of-stock situations, HealthCart had most of my products available.


My online shopping cart came to R326.00. And currently, for purchases over R200, delivery is free.

On the other hand, my Clicks basket, consisting of exactly the same products, amounted to R296.00. That’s a difference of exactly R30.


In my case, online shopping seemed to be the slightly pricier option. And just like me, you may think that R30 isn’t that much of a difference.

However, when a delivery fee is added to the mix, the cost can become higher.

But this is when you’re going to need to ask yourself: “Am I willing to pay a premium for convenience, the elimination of queues, and a neat little delivery straight to my doorstep?”

If the answer is yes, then online shopping  for cosmetics might be just the right solution for you.


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