My Broker, My Financial Services


When you are choosing financial services it is often a wise move to engage a broker to handle parts of your portfolio.

The Bureau of Market Research (BMR) has recently published new figures, in the Consumer Financial Vulnerability Index, that show 72.8% of consumers believe that often their financial situation deteriorated due to bad financial planning.

This is a bit better than the situation in the quarter before when 83.5% believed so.

These figures should be compared to the 46.6% who cited bad financial planning as a reason for often being in a bad situation in Q2 2009.

What these figures show is that when the going is good, nobody thinks that they can improve their situation by using a broker for financial services planning, but when a financial crisis hits, folk suddenly realize that if they had got their financial services sorted earlier, they would be in a better position today.

We can learn from our mistakes to make our financial dreams come true.

The world is in the process of recovery from the financial crisis, there may still be shocks ahead.

Rather than get hit where it hurts, get your financial services sorted and employ a broker to help you manage your portfolio, placing you in a position to achieve your financial aspirations.


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