Hospital Cover

Hospital cover, unlike a medical aid, covers you for events and needs that are don’t necessarily have anything to do with your medical aid expenses. Most people in their life has unforeseen circumstances which may result in them landing up in hospital. A medical aid may not always be the best option as the prices are often higher. Hospital cover can range from as little as R100 a month and you will be covered from your third day in hospital.

Hospital cover pays you a daily lump sum and you can chose what you want to do with the money. It is your choice. You can pay for groceries, or pay for unexpected expenses due to your hospitalisation. 

There are allot of companies who offer both medical aid and hospital cover, however most of the time it is hard to choose the best option. We make it easier because all you have to do is fill in our hospital cover form and you will receive a call from one or more, of our specialist hospital cover partners. We only deal with the best hospital cover companies so all you have to do is sit back and decide which policy makes the most sense for you.