Medical Aid Wellness Rewards: Discovery Vitality vs Momentum Multiply


Both Discovery Vitality and Momentum Multiply are well-known medical aid wellness rewards programmes in South Africa. 

What is a wellness and rewards programme?

Wellness and rewards programmes reward members for having a healthy lifestyle through discounts and special offers. 

The more active you are on the programme, the more rewards you get. 

Discovery Vitality vs Momentum Multiply

Discovery Vitality

Momentum Multiply

Gym Memberships 80% discount on monthly gym fees
at Virgin Active and Planet Fitness gyms.
20% to 60% on discount on monthly gym fees
at Virgin Active and Planet Fitness gyms.
Discounts Discounts depend on your Vitality status. Discounts depend on your Multiply status.
Travel Discounts Local and international flights
and car rentals
Local and international flights
and car rentals
Lifestyle Rewards

Discounts at Clicks

Ster Kinekor movie tickets at R22

Discounts at Dis-Chem

NuMetro movie tickets at R19

Online Shopping Discounts – Kindle accessories


Flook sporting deals 

Caffeluxe espresso capsule system 

Bushnell Suunto 

Serengeti Eyewear 

Jenna Clifford 


There are MANY more rewards, but we simply do not have enough space to list them all here.

Please refer to the Discovery and Momentum websites for further information.

What can you do to make the most of your rewards programme?

When you join the programme you start on blue status with Vitality and bronze with Multiply. 

Discovery Vitality Status Levels:







Main member You start at Blue Vitality status 15,000 35,000 45,000 Reach Gold Vitality
status for three years in a row
Main member + 1 30,000 70,000 90,000
Main member + 2 40,000 90,000 120,000
For each extra
member 18 years or older add:
10,000 20,000 30,000


Momentum Multiply Status Levels:

Family Size





Private Club*

Single 0 25,000 45,000 65,000 85,000
Family 0 50,000 85,000 110,000 130,000


*To reach Private Club status you need to reach the Private Club points threshold AND be a Multiply member for 2 consecutive years.

These are guidelines available on request from the schemes to assist you in increasing your points (status) to Gold Status on both.

Quite simply, you would start with the above: 

  • Complete Online Assessments
  • Complete a Fitness & Nutrition Assesments
  • Have your Health Checks done (i.e. papsmear and prostate screening)
  • Be Active – go to gym

[tip title=”Did You Know?”]Both of these wellness programmes can be taken either as an add-on with your medical aid or your life insurance/investments with these companies. So, even if you’re not with Discovery Health or Momentum Health, you can still enjoy the wonderful rewards! Contact your financial planner to find out how.[/tip]

What does it cost?


Single Member

Two Members

Three or More Members

Discovery Vitality R155 R179 R199
Momentum Multiply  R147 R169 R179


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Please note: This comparison is not intended as a definitive guide to medical aid wellness rewards programmes. For more information on either of these two rewards programmes, please refer to the relevant website:


About Author

Nelda Celliers is a medical aid advisor based in Cape Town. She has a Higher Certificate in Insurance through the Insurance Institute of South Africa. Nelda obtained her licenses from the Financial Services Board and Council for Medical Schemes to operate her own medical aid practice, Medical Benefit Advisors.