Medical Aid Scheme Review: Genesis Medical


Scheme Background and Review:

Genesis Medical Scheme was established in 1995 and is classified as a medium-sized scheme.

Their solvency far exceeded the legal minimum requirements and they were also classified amongst the top 5 open medical aid schemes in South Africa. They have in excess of R200 million, which is 4x more than the legal requirement.

Genesis is a self-administered scheme, which leads to their administration costs being of the lowest in the industry.

When reading the profile of Genesis on Twitter, it gives a clear understanding about how the scheme operates. It reads as follows:

“Never heard of us? Well that’s kinda the point….we don’t waste members money on massive advertising. We stick to offering brilliant & affordable medical aid!”

Product Review:

Genesis tries to keep it simple by only having four plan options, namely Private Choice, Private, Private Plus and Private Comprehensive.

The Private Choice is a HOSPITAL PLAN only, and the most affordable of the options.

The core benefits are slightly different from the others including:

 √ Unlimited hospital cover, at any private or state hospital of choice
 √ Emergency pre-hospital treatment, evacuation and transport within South Africa
 √ Cover for major medical illnesses – out of hospital benefits limited to statutory prescribed minimum benefits (“PMB’s”)
 √ Cover for basic dentistry – R25 000 per beneficiary per annum


3 of the 4 plans, namely Private, Private Plus and Private Comprehensive have the same core benefits.

These include:

Unlimited hospital cover, at any private or state hospital of your choosing
Cover for basic dentistry – R25 000 per beneficiary per annum
Emergency pre-hospital treatment, evacuation and transport within South Africa
A benefit for diagnostic scopes.
Cover for certain major medical illness, such as cancer or stroke, up to R550 000 per person per annum


Private offers only the above as it is a HOSPITAL PLAN only.

Private Plus and Private Comprehensive further to the core benefit also provide day-to-day benefits which include medical savings, consultation benefits and prescribed and/or over-the-counter medicines.


Adult R750 per month R1 115 per month R1 350 per month R1 965 per month
First child dependant R320 per month R320 per month R320 per month R320 per month
Each additional child dependant R60 per month R60 per month R60 per month R60 per month

Unique Features:

Many medical schemes, in the process of trying to reduce costs have restricted the use of hospitals and service providers, in a way forcing members to make use of pre-chosen providers.

Members on all Genesis options have the luxury to choose their own hospital and their own doctor.

Genesis offers no-frills and have easy-to-understand benefit options.

Child dependant rates are exceptionally well positioned in the market with a flat rate across all options of R320 per month for the first child and R60 per month for each additional child.

A further exceptional and unique benefit across all options must definitely be the R25 000 basic dentistry benefit, which includes consultations, fillings, tooth extractions, x-rays and root canal treatment.

Comparison with Other medical Aid Schemes:

When comparing Genesis Medical Scheme with some of the bigger medical schemes in South Africa, it’s clear that the size of a medical scheme does make a difference.

If you belong to one of the bigger schemes, you often feel like you are merely a number. Every time you phone in you end up speaking to another call centre employee.

At Genesis that’s not the case. You are treated as a real person, by a real person. As the scheme’s administration is done in-house, the service is a lot more personal.

Many of the bigger schemes including Discovery, Momentum and Fedhealth have so many options that it actually makes your head spin just trying to count how many options you can choose from!

Then there are the additional wellness programmes to attract new members, which can also be a bit complicated to understand.

With Genesis the attraction is in the simplicity of their plans. Some people really just want to keep it simple, and if you are one of those who want exactly that, then Genesis is definitely the scheme to look at.

Information regarding Genesis Medical Scheme sourced from the Genesis Medical Scheme website.



About Author

Nelda Celliers is a medical aid advisor based in Cape Town. She has a Higher Certificate in Insurance through the Insurance Institute of South Africa. Nelda obtained her licenses from the Financial Services Board and Council for Medical Schemes to operate her own medical aid practice, Medical Benefit Advisors.

  • Sophia Catharina Viljoen

    I am currently living in Namibia.
    I am moving to South Africa during November.
    I urgently want to join a medical aid fund.
    Can you please assist me
    Will there be a waiting period, or will my child and I be covered imediatly?
    Please come back to me as soon as possible.

  • Hi Sophia. Thanks for the comment. We are happy to assist you. You are able to apply for medical aid at the following link:
    Please don’t hesitate to contact us ( should you have any further queries.

  • Michelle

    I will be changing jobs in the new year but will not be able to stay on the same medical aid as it is an industry specific medical aid. I am pregnant, in the first trimester, and worried that other medical aids will not take me on as I am already pregnant. Please advise.

  • Hi Michelle thanks for sharing your comments… to assist you we would like to put you in touch with Nelda Celliers, author of this great article and a registered and licensed medical aid advisor. Nelda is amazing at what she does and can undoubtedly assist you with all your medical aid requirements. Please check out her website for her contact information. Her website is If you require any further assistance in this regard, please contact us directly at Good Luck!

  • Claire Konemann

    HI, If I had to take the basic Private Choice plan, would I be covered if I needed to have an op of any kind. There is a long history of cancer in my family and I want to know in the event that I could develop cancer in some form would it be covered in this plan or is this only covered in the Private? and other two?

    • HI Claire. Thanks for the comment. We have checked with Genesis with regards to your query. The Private Choice option is a hospital plan which provides hospital benefits of up to R50,000 for major medical illnesses. This includes cancer. The other three options all provide hospital benefits of up to R550,000 for major medical illnesses, once again including cancer. For further information about the Genesis range of products please contact Genesis directly at 0861 564 6669.

  • Michele

    Hi, ek is nuut op die PRIVATE CHOICE plan en wonder wat als gedek word indien ek sou swanger raak? Kan u my asb help?

    • Hi Michele. Thank you for your comment. Please note that the Private Choice option is a hospital plan that covers you for in-hospital treatments and procedures only, up to medical aid rates. All cover is subject to authorisation so please call the medical aid before you fall pregnant. You can call Genesis Client Services directly on 0860 10 20 10. As always it’s advisable to contact the medical aid scheme directly should you have any questions or concerns about your cover. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further assistance or guidance. Kind regards.

  • Keri Kruger

    i would like to open up hospital plan for my family of 4.

    please can somebody contact me during the week after lunch is best time for me.

    thank you

    Keri Kruger

    • Hi Keri, Thanks for the comment. Please complete the medical aid quote application form and an agent will get back to you with a quote.
      You can find the form here: Medical Aid Quote Form.
      Kind regards.