Life Insurance


Why life insurance?

If you and your spouse are both working it means that you are jointly maintaning the your current standard of living, but what happens should one of you pass away and no provision is made?

Life insurance pays out a tax free lump sum to have all your major liabilities taken care of, like home loans and day to day bills.

Life cover is currently the best form of financial security to leave your dependants with an income and capital that they can access when needed.

How much is enough?

Will your house, cars, personal loans and other debts be covered??- Will your dependants have enough money to survive at least twenty years?

Will they achieve their goals and aspirations which you had planned?

and will there be money for any emergency events?

When we buy life cover we must insure that:

Your debts are covered

Your dependants have a Capital amount available 24/7 for emergency’s.?- that they have a monthly income growing above inflation for at least 20 years.

And that your kid’s education is taken care of, from primary school to university.

As a breadwinner you have insurable interest in your spouse, the one will not survive with out the others support.

Affordable life cover:

The affordability of life cover depends on the amount of cover you need and getting underwritten on your gender, age, occupation, current health status, personal risk profile and financial needs analysis.

Cost can change if special benefits are needed. It is advised to consult with an expert in the field, moneysmart can put you in touch should you need to speak to a financial advisor.

Also, do not neglect the fact that you might need future live cover.

Future cover:

if you become un insurable during your employed life you will have additional cover.?You can ad additional family members on your insurance portfolio.

The majorioty of Life insurance companies have what we call add-on benefits, this ranges from funeral benefits and loyalty benefits that can be added to your life cover policy and many other valuable options.

Get your Life style and your dependents secured today.


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