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Our paperless process isn’t just a breeze for our clients; it makes us efficient.

Dealing with you directly online means we do not pay exorbitant commissions to brokers or use expensive call centres.

So we pass our substantial cost savings on to you through low monthly payments and a unique cash back benefit.

We have saved some of our clients more than 50% on their monthly insurance costs.

We believe that most people are smart enough to manage their own life insurance needs – it’s not complicated and you shouldn’t have to pay someone to hold your hand.

Furthermore, traditional life insurers are locked into complex products, expensive brokers and call centres and layers of administration, making the monthly payments higher than they need to be.

We have simple, clear products.

We sell direct to clients.

And our prices are the lowest in South Africa for our target market. products have a “Cash Back” benefit that returns 20% of all payments made every 10 years.

This benefit is added at no extra cost – Rewarding you for Living Life!

We are a dynamic insurance administrator, not an old fashioned insurance giant.

So when you buy from us online it takes minutes and when it is done…it’s done.

You’ll have a policy and you’re covered.

A question one should be asking of their insurer is “how do I know my policy is safe with you and that you will be around many years down the line to honour a claim?”

You can rest assured that your cover is safe with us. is underwritten by Guardrisk Life Limited who is one of South Africa’s leading financial services providers and a member of the Alexander Forbes Group.

Each policy is in turn reinsured by Hannover Life Re Africa, a subsidiary of Hannover Life Re Group, the largest life reinsurer in South Africa and a global leader with an annual revenue of over R100 billion.


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