How to Make the Internet Work for You Financially


With the digital age well and truly upon us, it seems the power of the Internet has no limits. Whether we’re using it to plan our day or to take part in a little payday shopping, over the years we’ve managed to make it work for us.

But while the Internet can make it seemingly easy to part with our money, did you know you could also use it to make a few extra pennies?

You can’t go a day without receiving an email trying to tempt you into the latest money-making scam. Moreover, some people like to try less conventional methods of using the Internet to make money – for example, online gambling started to become more lenient in South Africa in 2010, posing a risky but potentially lucrative way for people to make money online.

If you’re more cautious however, there are a few trusted ways in which you can make the Internet work for you financially.

Freelance blogging

Arguably one of the most fun ways of making money on the Internet, freelance blogging can earn you reasonable sums for relatively non-time-consuming and easy work.

Blogging can take many forms; for example, you may be asked to review products (which can also earn you a few freebies!) or you may be asked to produce affiliate content, which helps direct customers to other websites.

Customer service

More and more businesses are offering round-the-clock customer service, and rather than keeping their customers on the line for hours on end, they are now choosing to go digital by offering live web chat staff.

As such, they are looking at home-based workers to provide live chat support, as well as take inbound and outbound calls.

Sites like Talk2Rep are the perfect example of this, and the good news is that the work can be made to fit around your schedule.

 eBay businesses

We’re all familiar with the concept of selling our old dusty garage items on eBay, but did you know you can actually use the popular auctioning site to run your own e-commerce business?

It takes some practice, but one of the most lucrative ways of using eBay is to sell via third parties.

By dealing with a seller who has a particularly unique item, you can charge a higher mark up and make a tidy profit for yourself.

So whether it’s writing a  post on a blog, or using a platform like eBay to run your own e-commerce business, the Internet is full of innovative and exciting ways of working for you financially.

Have other ways to make the Internet work for you financially? Share them with us in the comments below.


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