How To Choose the Right Medical Cover for You


Choosing a medical aid is an important decision to make. Firstly, it takes quite a significant amount out of your monthly income. Secondly, it determines the status and future of your health. Your health is the most important asset in your life. And, ensuring you and your loved ones are covered is vital.

Not everyone can, however, afford a full medical aid scheme. Should you be earning under R10 000 a month, paying out R2 000 takes a huge chunk out of your monthly budget. These are the 2017 rates for the current medical schemes. We have broken them down into their various categories.

Hospital Plans

Hospital plans cover hospital services used when admitted. These typically include anaesthetist and surgeon fees. These are fees that have already been agreed to between the hospital and the scheme.

Scheme Cost For Principle Member
Discovery Health Keycare Core R731- R 1 408
Genesis Private Choice R1 000
Momentum Custom Option 1 R1 266
FedHealth Entryzone R1 326
Discovery Health Essential Delta Core R1 317
Discovery Health Coastal Core R1 496
Bonitas BonEssential R1 473
Resolution Health Hospital Plan R1 565
Discovery Health Smart Plan R 1 100
Genesis Private R1 500
MediHelp Dimension Prime 1 R1 608
Discovery Health Essential Core R1 648
Momentum Custom Option 2 R1 742
FedHealth Maxima Core R1 716
Discovery Health Classic Core R1 918

Hospital Plans With Savings

These plans will cover hospital visits, as well as limited day-to-day savings.

Scheme Cost For Principle Member
MediHelp Unify R1 752
Genesis Private Plus R1 900
Discovery Health Essential Saver R2 047
Discovery Health Coastal Saver R2 007
Discovery Health Classic Delta Saver R 2 058
Bonitas BonSave R2 135
MediHelp Dimension Prime 2 R2 136
Discovery Health Classic Saver R 2 577
FedHealth Maxima Standard R3 032
Momentum Extender Option 1 R3 303
Resolution Health Millenium R3 359
Momentum Extender Option 2 R4 061

Hospital Plans With Day-To-Day Cover

These are hospital plans which include day-to-day benefits.

Scheme Cost For Principle Member
Momentum Incentive Option R1 700
Bonitas Primary R1 924
Resolution Health Progressive Flex R2 154
FedHealth Maxima Basis R2 251
Momentum Incentive Option R2 529
Bonitas Standard R2 998

GP Network Plans

This is targeted at the younger customers who are just entering the market. The plan covers basic hospital costs and (usually) recommends doctors.

Scheme                Cost For Principle Member
MediHelp Necce (Full-time students) R438
Discovery Health Keycare Access R 859- R1 863
Momentum Ingwe Option (Ingwe network) R701- R1758
Discovery Health Keycare Plus R 1 280 – R 1 906

Comprehensive Medical Aid

These are the executive schemes that include unlimited hospital cover, and comprehensive day-to-day benefits.

Scheme                Cost For Principle Member
Genisis Private Comprehensive R2 200
FedHealth Maxima Standard R3 032
Discovery Health Classic Priority R 2 968
Momentum Extender Option 1 R 3 732
Resolution Health Millenium R3 359
FedHealth Maxima Executive R4 302
Discovery Health Classic Delta Comprehensive R 4 059
Resolution Health Supreme R4 565
Discovery Health Classic Comprehensive R 4 506
Momentum Extender Option 2 R 4 671



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