How the National Budget Speech Affects You: An Infographic by Sanlam


Image of an infographic explaining how the national budget speech address of 2013 affects the individual taxpayer




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Pravin Gordhan, South Africa’s Minister of Finance, gave his annual National Budget Speech address yesterday.

The National Budget Speech address is highly anticipated every year, with industry experts eagerly waiting to hear how government intends to perfect the delicate balancing act between its income and expenses in the year ahead.

While most of us are mostly concerned with how much more we will be paying for cigarettes and alcohol, there are in fact other significant components of the Budget Speech that require consideration.

Though much of the speech can be overly technical and complicated, there are many significant ways that what’s outlined in the Budget Speech affects the individual South African  taxpayer.

Thankfully, the Sanlam team has gone to the trouble of clearly explaining each of the most significant aspects of the Budget Speech.

In a commentary by Karin Muller, Sanlam’s head of growth solutions, the most pertinent elements of the Minister’s address have been detailed. For the full commentary, please visit the Sanlam website.

In addition to the great commentary provided by Muller, Sanlam has released an educational and informative infographic that clearly depicts how the information conveyed in the National Budget Speech address impacts the individual consumer.

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