How Do I Become a High Nett Worth Individual?


How Do I Become a High Nett Worth Individual?

The Stock Markets are where all the action is; the JSE over the past 20 years has increased investors returns by more than 19%.

The JSE is made up of companies that need to raise funds from the public to create more business opportunities and revenue streams.

If their ventures are successful their investors get dividends for the risk they took of investing.

These dividends are paid out and only 10% of it attracts tax, no matter if the return was R1 000 or R1 000 000.

The interesting thing about this is that people work so hard for their money and before they can get it, the tax man takes 18% – 40% of their earnings, killing your wealth.

With shares, unit trusts and other investments, your tax is capped.

The big idea is to take your earnings and create or convert them to passive income.

We do not get taught in school how to get rich, because if you were rich and independent, you wouldn’t need the Government to solve problems for you.

We believe that Government does not teach you the secrets of becoming rich because it wants to control you!

Thus the handful of people who know the secret to becoming financial independent understand it is in owning their OWN LIVES!

The sad truth is that only 1% of South Africans save money!

So only 495 000 people understand that becoming independent is to be financially intelligent and using the loops in the system to your own advantage.

You have to act now to own your own life, you have to claim your independence by starting with creating your own wealth.

The bottom line is, you must invest at least 10% of your earned income into an investment product and earn double from it over time!

moneysmart is here to guide you to the road of independence and help shift financial control to YOU!


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