Could a Hospital Plan Be Just What The Doctor Ordered?


At the age of 10 my dentist informed me that I have “genetically” bad teeth. I now go to the dentist regularly. Due to numerous skin issues, the dermatologist and I are currently on first name basis. And from time-to-time I pop into my GP just to make sure everything’s in order. So it’s clear to see that a comprehensive medical aid scheme works for me. But if you’re not in and out of the doctor’s office every other day, does comprehensive medical aid really work for you?

Could a simple hospital plan be a more cost-effective and practical option?

Unlike a full medical aid scheme, a hospital plan does not provide for day-to-day doctors’ visits, and only covers hospital stays, surgery and emergency care. Here are a few instances where a hospital plan might be just what the doctor ordered for you.

Young, Fit & Healthy

Apart from the seasonal flu, you’re the picture of health. You haven’t seen the inside of a doctor’s room in a very long time, and other than picking up the occasional pack of Panado from the pharmacy, your medical needs are rather low. But accidents do happen, and by opting for a hospital plan you’re covered for any major hospital procedure.

Living a Budget Lifestyle

In addition to being young and healthy, you might just be embarking on a new career. Therefore, you’re at a time in your life where budget is key. A hospital plan is cheaper than a full medical aid scheme, while still providing you with financial protection in the event of hospitalisation.

No Pre-existing conditions

Anybody with conditions such as eczema or diabetes can testify to the fact that having these recurring conditions is an expensive business. And with all the treatments, medications and doctors’ visits, a comprehensive medical aid scheme would seem like the smart choice. But if you’re lucky enough to be condition-free, a hospital plan might be just the right option for you.

Single and ready to mingle

Having kids is a pricey exercise. And when you add expenses such as medical bills to the mix, costs can become astronomical. In this case, having fully comprehensive medical aid scheme becomes very important. But when you’re without dependents, perhaps a hospital plan might be the perfect fit.

So there you have it: A hospital plan might not be for everyone. But if you’re young and generally healthy, looking to save money, and have no dependents, a hospital plan might just be what you need.

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