Getting your Credit Report from TransUnion, Experian and XDS


Over 13 million South Africans are currently in debt. South Africans are living beyond their means and buying goods on credit to achieve instant gratification.

Very little thought is spent on planning their financial future or maintaining a healthy credit score.

Do you know your financial status?

Kudough allows you insight into our credit ratings vs banking activities, your net income vs your expenses, your liquidity (cash in bank, investments) vs solvency (credit cards, home loan debts and other installment finance ), all powered by a single online financial management platform, moneysmart.

Our platform will ensure that you can manage all your money in one place and gain insight into your credit score.

The Kudough credit report and moneysmart financial management tools on our platform will help you make better financial decisions concerning your credit status. See all information from bad debts, late payments, judgments amongst others , consolidated from all credit bureaus such as XDS, Trans Union and Experian in one report.

Get a complete view of your credit status and shift financial control to you by ordering a credit report.

moneysmart and Kudough bring you the free personal financial management platform to help you manage your money online.

Be in control to know what tomorrow has instore for you. Setting up and tracking your budgets, income, expenses and managing your debt has never been this easy! moneysmart – shifting financial control back to you.


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