Capitec Bank: An All-in-One Banking Solution


There comes a time in everyone’s life when he or she is faced with a most daunting of decisions. Choosing a bank and account to safeguard one’s finances can be quite an overwhelming exercise.

Each bank offers different products, packages and programmes and the language that’s used by the banks to communicate the fees, rates and terms of each product is often extremely confusing and difficult to understand.

It’s almost as if the banks deliberately try and confuse you. It can get rather stressful trying to decipher the complicated information presented by the banks.

I know this from personal experience with one of South Africa’s largest and oldest banks. The level of frustration I felt when trying to understand the oversized table of rates and fees was virtually unbearable. It got to a point where my lack of understanding of what the bank was trying to tell me almost made me want to hide my money under my mattress.

With financial services being such a complex and jargon-filled industry, the appearance of Capitec Bank on the South African banking scene comes as quite the relief.

Capitec is a company clearly set on injecting some new life and much needed innovation into the staid and uninspiring banking industry.

A host of attractive and favourable features has resulted in Capitec Bank’s phenomenal growth over recent years. And just in case there was ever any doubt at the onset, it’s now perfectly clear that Capitec means business. The bank is here to stay and sure to continue to grow at an impressive pace.

These are just some of the bank’s great features that have made not only this author, but also millions of other South Africans, switch to Capitec:

All-in-One Solution to Banking and Financial Management

The Global One account is a fully functional transactional account. With your Global One card, a debit MasterCard®, you can purchase as you swipe or shop online.

Capitec Bank’s Global One account simplifies personal banking. In addition to the Global One transactional capabilities, Capitec also offers unique savings and credit options.

The bank doesn’t offer vehicle finances or home loans though, so if you need one of these types of products, you should shop around and go with whichever institution offers the best rates.

Capitec doesn’t offer an actual cheque account per se, but then who needs a cheque account anyway when you can do everything with the Global One account while earning interest on your money.

Competitive Pricing and Interest Rates

Without question, one of Capitec’s most appealing features is their highly competitive, unbelievably low fees.

For a mere R4.50 monthly admin fee, you receive transactional features and capabilities that pretty much rival (if not surpass) most other regular bank accounts. In addition to this, Capitec offers extremely inviting interest rates.

Earlier this year, moneysmart compared banking fees and interest rates associated with standard cheque and savings accounts from the 5 big banks in South Africa.

Check out the comparison infographics below:

A Language for the People

Capitec’s motto is “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”.

This is a tenet upon which the bank is clearly founded and one that determines pretty much everything that Capitec does or says.

Nowhere else is this more apparent than in the language that the bank uses to communicate to its customers. Whether it’s a breakdown of their fees or an explanation of the credit plans, a quick visit to the bank’s website proves this.

Using easy-to-understand language and a distinct lack of complicated terminology; Capitec has shown itself to be a bank for the people.

Unique Branch Approach

Anyone who has ever opened up a Capitec account can tell you that walking into a Capitec branch is surprisingly pleasant.

Designed to reduce waiting periods to an absolute minimum, Capitec branches are fresh and make banking a far nicer experience. In less than half an hour of stepping into my nearest Capitec branch, I was able to open up a Global One account. The branch representatives were competent, knowledgeable and very helpful.

This experience was a polar opposite to the one I had to endure a couple of years ago when trying to open an account at the big bank mentioned at the beginning of this article.

Capitec’s Sunday Best

With Capitec, there’s no cursing the bank for being closed on a Sunday when that unexpected emergency requires your attention on the weekend.

Selected Capitec branches in major shopping malls are open on Sundays from 9am – 1pm or 10am – 2pm.

[tip title=”moneysmart tip”]In case you don’t know where to find a nearby branch, use Capitec’s nifty branch locator.[/tip]

So get banking in the simplest and most sophisticated manner out there; open a Global One account today.


About Author

Saul Lipchik is the moneysmart content and community manager. He has a passion for the English language as well as for achieving moneysmart's core objective of simplifying complex economic terms and activities, thereby empowering people to improve their overall financial wellbeing.

  • elize olwage

    I am trying to secure and link up my master card with paypal. the site that I am suppose to visit to do this is and it keeps on saying the page is not found.
    Please, where else can I active this service online?

    • Hi Elize. Thanks for the comment!

      We have tried the link that you provided on both Firefox and Chrome internet browsers. It seems to be working although if does time out occasionally. Please check the security settings of the browser you’re using to make sure it allows the site to load.

      You are correct in saying that you need to secure your Mastercard before being able to connect to your paypal account or for any online purchases. To do this you would have had to go into the branch (this is not possible to do online) to get a security code.

      If you continue to struggle with this we suggest you contact your nearest Capitec branch for more assistance. The Capitec helpline is 0860-10-20-43.

  • Derek van Oudtshoorn

    I have been trying to register my mastercard with secure code at for 2 weeks now the respose is “Page not available or has been noved or discintibued” is anybody doing something about it? I need to do this urgently – have received the code by SMS and I just can’t get into the site – can you test it and advise that it works or does not work?


    • Hi Derek. Thank you for the comment. We are sorry to hear about your trouble registering your mastercard. Unfortunately we are unable to assist you with this matter as this is something that Capitec Bank is responsible for. Please contact your Capitec branch or call them on 0860-10-20-43. Good luck!

  • Tracy

    Try typing in https:// before the This worked for me after having the same problems described above.

  • Pat

    Am looking for a bank that has the best interest rate for a short-term fixed term deposit. Sasfin seems to have the best rate but none of the websites recommend Sasfin. Any idea why?

    • Hi Pat. Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately we have no knowledge of and are unable to comment about any offering from Sasfin. We have however done some research on a rather interesting and attractive offering from Sanlam, called Sanlam Liquid. You can view our findings by reading the article The Greatest Savings Account You’ve Never Heard About.. You can also see a breakdown of the Sanlam Liquid Interest rates here. Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any further questions or comments about this. Kind regards.

  • mary phillips

    would love to open savings account on fixed deposit can you please give me some feed back on the inetrest rates and what all do i need to open an account with you
    thanking you

  • Khanya

    I am prompted to enter a 10 digit security code. Apparently it was sent to me via SMS. But I did not receive any 10 digit code? I called and I’ suppose to wait for 72 hours to receive it? Hello! This 2013 not 1997!

  • Kibi

    I tried registering my mastercard with istores to buy apps,but it kept on saying method of payment not accepted.So if wanna buy apps with it,what to do?

    • Hi Kibi. Thanks for the comment. Please keep in mind that as moneysmart we aren’t able to assist you with your Capitec Bank account in any way. You might however need to secure your card for online purchases, which you can do at this site: Mastercard Secure Code. If you continue to experience issues with this we suggest you contact your nearest Capitec branch for more assistance. The Capitec helpline is 0860-10-20-43. We hope this helps. Good luck!

  • Christo

    To create your master card secure code
    I do not understand why ;
    The registration & activation is correctly completed up to 3 create secure code .
    On 4/activation complete >>I get a no go respond by clicking on next
    to confirm registration activation was completed .

    • Hi Christo. Thanks for the comment. Unfortunately we are unable to assist you with any issue you are experiencing with your Capitec bank card. Please contact your nearest Capitec branch for help with this. The Capitec helpline is 0860-10-20-43. Good luck!

  • Juan


    I would just like to know, is it possible to activate paypal on my debit master card through Capitec and will my savings account still work the same?

    • Hi Juan. Thank you for the comment. Unfortunately you are currently unable to activate paypal on your debit master card through Capitec Bank. You can find further information about alternative payment methods in a previous moneysmart article.

      Please remember that as moneysmart we are unable to assist you with any matter relating to your Capitec Bank account. It’s therefore recommended that you contact your nearest Capitec Bank branch for any query you have regarding your Capitec account. You can find your local branch using the branch locator on the Capitec site. Good luck!

  • dylan

    Hi there
    I just want to say that i think it is Ridiculous of Capitec to make me stand in a que for 2 HOURS to activate my online shopping, when \in fact it HASNT BEEN WORKING FOR 3 Monhs. I also spoke to a customer care agent at Capitec last night and she says opposite to what you say….. She made it perfectly clear that his problem can only be resolved by MASTERCARD and thast it is Master card’s error. Then she even said that i have to phone them myself for DISGRACE. I will be cancelling my account at Capitec and cannot see how i could ever trust Mastercard either. If Capitec thinks that their business will continue growing because of the cheapest rates, then they have another thing coming. Many feel the same as me and I feel they are taking on more than they can handle. EXCELLENT SERVICE… THE BEST… Is the ONLY thing that will ever make ANY business maintain its success… No one has even contacted me back…. Not Capitec or Mastercard…. and that to me is is SHOCKING!!! On BOTH PARTS! If I was the CEO and proud owner of MASTERCARD, I would have sorted this mess up month ago and would never allow a PATHETIC bank spoil a lifetime of success that caters the entire world! I am sure your CEO wont be happy that this has been going on for so long and on top of it making all of us going through all the hours of applying for somerthing you all KNOW DOES NOT WORK!!!!!!! I am going to take this further ands have copied this entire page purely because mastercard literally owns the world, yet does not give a dam about them and are associating with banks that give out HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL INFO on an UNSECURE WEBSITE…. and then last but no\t least, to top this, BOTH PARTIES, MASTERCARD AND CAPITEC, ARE CONTINUING TO MARKET AND SELL A PRODUCT THAT DOES NOT WORK…. MONTHS DOWN THE LINE, MAKING MILLIONS OFF SOMETHING FALSE!

    • Hi Dylan. Thank you for the comment. We are sorry to hear of the trouble you’ve been experiencing with your Capitec Mastercard. Please be aware that the article on which you’ve commented is an article on the moneysmart community, where we post content relating to the financial services industry. Unfortunately, as moneysmart, we cannot help you with any problem with either your Capitec Bank account or Mastercard.
      We will however try and find an answer for you about this issue as well as get a spokesperson from Capitec Bank to respond to your comment on the bank’s behalf. Please watch this space. Best of luck!

  • King_Anonymous

    To register for internet banking (no idea y i need to do it seperately) is a hassle.

  • Tatiana Galchenko

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