BlackBerry Z10 Contract Comparison: Which Contract is Right for You?


The long-awaited BlackBerry Z10 was recently launched in South Africa. Because of the popularity of BlackBerrys in South Africa in the past, we thought it’s a good idea to compare the entry-level contracts from different providers for the Blackberry Z10.

As with any financial purchasing decision, it’s best to compare products from different providers to ensure you make the most informed decision and save money where you can.

In this comparison we looked at Blackberry Z10 contracts that will suit most smartphone users. These contracts include a decent amount of call time (talk time), data and SMSs per month.

The BlackBerry Z10 is available from the 4 major networks in South Africa. Now, let’s look at how these networks’ contracts compare:

Comparison of BlackBerry Z10 Contracts

Image of 8ta logo for an article on the moneysmart community Image of Cell C logo for an article on the moneysmart community comparing contracts in South Africa Image of MTN logo for an article on the moneysmart community comparing contracts Image of Vodacom logo for an article on the moneysmart community comparing contracts in South Africa


Smart Plan 100 Straight Up 100 Anytime 200 Smart S

(x24 month)

R388 R389 R399 R419


100 min.
unlimited 8ta to 8ta
(first 12 months only)
100 min. R200
(estimated 86 min.)
75 min.


400 MB
unlimited BBM
unlimited BBM
250MB 75MB
unlimited BBM (available only until end May 2013)


5 for 50 promotion* 100 25 150


SMS: 50c
**Data: R1/MB
Calls: 99c/min
SMS: 50c
**Data: 99c/MB
(in bundle)
(out of bundle)
SMS: 75c
**Data: R2/MB
Calls: R1.75/min
SMS: 35c
**Data: R2/MB


*This promotion works as follows: when you send 5 or more SMSs in a day, you receive 50 free SMSs to be used in that same 24-hour period only.
**Refers to out of bundle data rates

[tip title=”moneysmart tip”]When applying for a contract through Vodacom it’s cheaper to do so online, through the Vodacom website than in-store. The cost of the BlackBerry Z10 on Smart S in-store is R429 per month as opposed to R419 through the Vodacom site.[/tip]

What do you need to apply for a contract?

  • Three months’ bank statements (Cell C additionally recommends one that’s stamped by your bank, because this will speed up approval)
  • Most recent payslip
  • Green barcoded ID
  • Proof of residence

We recommend you analyse each contract’s terms and conditions and value-added services to find the best match for you. For the purposes of this exercise Virgin Mobile was not included as there was no BlackBerry Z10 offer available on their site.

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PLEASE NOTE: This comparison is not intended to serve as a definitive or complete guide to getting a BlackBerry Z10 contract. Please consult with a representative from your chosen network to discuss the most suitable contract for you. The above figures were collected from the respective networks’ websites and from in-store pamphlets and brochures and were accurate at the time of publishing this article. Prices and rates are subject to change.


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  • I dont know who is trying to undercut who here by pricing and perceived value but 8TA and Cell are almost on par, but 8ta has a notch of extra value.

    Id go with Cell C, as im not to confident in the service levels and data capacity of 8ta

    • Shana

      I feel with CellC’s extra data, it is for sure the best deal. They are really the company to beat now.