The Best Medical Aid for Students


Are you a student on a tight budget? 

If so, you probably think you don’t really need to be on a medical aid. 

However, did you know that Momentum Health has a product specifically geared towards students? 

And starting from just R333 per month, even those on a student budget can now afford to be on medical aid. 

The Importance of Medical Aid

Please don’t think that you can go without medical aid – even when you are young and healthy, anything can still happen.

As a student you might be exposed to some form of risk – accidents can and do occur when you least expect them.

There is no need to be overly worried or concerned. Now thanks to the student offering from Momentum Health, being prepared for unforeseen medical expenses is easier than you think.

Being a student, you might still be on your parents’ medical aid as a dependant. But what if you cannot be on your parents’ medical aid anymore because you are either too old to be a child dependant or the premiums just became too much to afford?

Student loans and bursaries don’t cover your daily living expenses and medical aid premiums; you might need to work part-time in order to meet these costs.

It doesn’t have to be so bad if you decide to join an extremely affordable medical aid though.

Momentum’s Ingwe and Access options are ideal for students, in whose cases affordability is always an issue. 

How Much Will You Pay? 



Adult Dependant

Child Dependant

Ingwe Option

R333 per month R333 per month R182 per month

Access Option

R509 per month R509 per month R334 per month



*PMBs must be covered in full,
even if  R950 000 is depleted
Hospital cover limited to R950 000
Unlimited GP visits (on Ingwe) Must use network doctors
Basic dentistry including fillings No dentistry in hospital
Prosthesis cover on Access option No prosthesis cover on Ingwe option

[tip title=”moneysmart tip”]*PMBs or Prescribed Minimum Benefits are the minimum benefits which all medical schemes must provide to their members according to law. PMBs include the costs of diagnosis, treatment and care of emergency medical conditions as well as a host of other conditions as outlined by the law.[/tip]

Highlights of Momentum Health’s Student Medical Aid Offering

  • Comprehensive benefits for doctors, dentists and medicines
  • Specialist and emergency benefits
  • Optometry benefits
  • Free access to toll-free Health Advice line
  • Unlimited emergency benefits by Netcare 911
  • Access to Multiply Rewards Programme
  • Free access to Go! Health Loyalty Programme

Comparison with Similar Offerings from Other Medical Aids

Both of the Momentum Health student options offer a network-based product which provides you with both in-hospital and day-to-day medical cover within a network of doctors and providers.

Many, if not most schemes offer similar types of medical aid options, which are income-based; i.e. the less you earn, the less you pay.

However, the  premiums for the lowest income bracket on this type of product outside of Momentum would be, for example, Bonitas Boncap at R555 per month and Discovery Keycare Plus at R638 per month.

Momentum Health’s Track Record and Stability

Momentum Health has a proud track record in the healthcare industry.

The student products provide outstanding healthcare services at a lower cost thanks to provider relationships that have been closely forged over the years.

Momentum Health’s A+ credit rating stands to prove that the Scheme has the ability to settle claims promptly and efficiently.

For more information, you can visit or phone Momentum’s customer care line on: (0860) 102 493

Should you wish for a medical aid advisor to assist you in your application process, feel free to email Nelda on or call (021) 975-8324. 


About Author

Nelda Celliers is a medical aid advisor based in Cape Town. She has a Higher Certificate in Insurance through the Insurance Institute of South Africa. Nelda obtained her licenses from the Financial Services Board and Council for Medical Schemes to operate her own medical aid practice, Medical Benefit Advisors.

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    I would like to enquire about medical aid for a student ?

    • Hi Dudu,
      Thanks for the comment.
      When choosing the best medical aid for your unique needs, we recommend consulting with a qualified professional who can assist you in making the right decision. Nelda, who is the author of this article, is a trained and certified medical aid advisor and she can definitely guide you in your quest to find the best medical aid out there. You can contact Nelda via phone or or (021) 975-8324
      Good luck!