Need a Ride? Best Car Insurance Products for Women


We all remember those car insurance adverts: a couple of guys joking around with their friend accidentally driving off a cliff; a group of men trying to drive all the way to Cape Town in reverse; two men racing fighter pilots cause havoc in a small rural dorpie. 1

st for Women certainly made their point clear: they believe men are higher risk for car insurance than woman.

Because of this they only insure women, at what they say are lower premiums with unique benefits.

But just because women are better risk for car insurance companies, does it mean we are getting better deals?

moneysmart conducted an online investigation of the four insurers offering the cheapest premiums on a 2012 Toyota Yaris.

Using we scoured the internet for cheapest insurance quotes and found that when taking premiums, cost of excess and benefits into consideration, 1st For Women really does put its money where its mouth is.

1st For Women

The women’s only car insurance company quote was third on the list when it came to cheapest premiums, at R444.47 a month BUT when it came to excess (what you have to pay in before the insurance company pays out) 1st For Women was by far the cheapest by nearly R1 000.

At 1st For Women compulsory excess is only R3460. A number of extra benefits are also offered, above and beyond the relatively standard 24/7 roadside and accident assistance.

1st For Women offers:

  • Directions Assist: it has happened to me more times than I would like to remember. You rely on your phone’s GPS and Google maps to get you to your destination, then find yourself out of 3G range and totally lost. 1st For Women offers 24-hour phone line directions assist for just such an emergency.
  • Trip Monitor – which informs a loved one if contact with you is broken while on the road.
  • Guardian Angels – to help protect and provide assistance should you find yourself stranded in a dangerous area. 

Oakhurst Insurance

Offers the cheapest premium, at R423.46, but of the four its excess is the second highest at R5 500.

We rate it second best because after 1st For Women it offers top benefits for women:

  •  High-tech vehicle tracking units to ensure fast response in times of trouble.
  •  24/7 roadside assist: “Should you need us following an accident, mechanical breakdown, a flat tyre, lack of petrol or simply because you’ve accidentally locked your keys in the car – we’ll be there for you,” says the website. For women, roadside safety in case of emergency counts for a great deal. 

Budget Insurance

Car insurance premiums for 2012 model Yaris will cost you R444.16 with a compulsory excess of R4210.

Benefits (at least those given online) are pretty standard:

  • 27  hour emergency assistance. 

Dial Direct

Your car insurance premium with Dial Direct is R451.88 monthly, but with a whopping R6 960 compulsory premium – which seems a little on the steep side. No roadside or safety assist advertised.

[tip title=”moneysmart tip”]To be fair a quick disclaimer is in order. This was an online search only – so other insurers may be offering benefits that are simply not proudly displayed on their sites. As always its worth a bit of scouting before you make a decision.[/tip]

But when it comes to good deals for women, with added safety benefits, 1st For Women does seem to be offering a deal that best appeals to the fairer sex.


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