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TaxTim is the fastest, easiest way to do your taxes. Simply chat with Tim and get your return. Easy!

Practical Tips
0 Top 5 Tips for a Smooth 2014 Tax Season

Use these tips to help make the 2014 tax season the most painless and effortless tax season you’ve ever had.

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0 TaxTim Launches New Tax Document Storage Service in the Cloud

TaxTim extends its offering by launching a new system for taxpayers to keep their essential tax documents and certificates organised in the cloud.

Practical Tips
0 Tax Tips from moneysmart and TaxTim

General tax tips from moneysmart and TaxTim to take out all the hassle of doing your taxes.

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0 Doing Your Taxes Has Never Been This Easy!

With TaxTim, doing your taxes is as easy as having a conversation. And now Tim speaks Afrikaans, Zulu and Xhosa so everyone can chat to Tim!

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1 Calculate Your Earnings After Tax with TaxTim’s Easy Salary Tax Calculator

Try TaxTim’s quick and easy income tax calculator to work out exactly how much money you will be taking home each month after taxes.