Are You Still Going to the Gym?


It’s three months into 2014 and those beautiful new year’s resolutions are starting to become an inconvenient memory. But if there’s one that you have to stick to, make it your gym programme. Why? Because not only will it improve your health, but it has great implications for your wallet.

Exercise your brain muscle

Living the health lifestyle brings immediate rewards in how you feel about yourself, but also less noticed: in how you spend. Exercise not only exercises your muscles, but also your willpower. A study by the British Journal of Sports Medicine shows that exercise strengthens your decision-making, willpower and self-control. This can extend to your everyday financial decision-making as well: spending less on that (expensive) junk food and helping you make investments and savings.

Your retirement years

Your retirement years may be seem like a mirage in the distance, but think about how you would like to spend them. It’s all good and well to have your pension plans and your retirement annuities in order, but what good are they if that money gets tied up in mounting health costs. Taking care of your body now will have benefits later when your biggest expense will be maintaining your health. And as the saying goes: “Prevention is always cheaper than the cure.”

The Medical Aid Savings You’re Losing

It’s in your own interest to stay healthy, so too is it for medical aid companies. Healthier clients is lower costs for them, which is why most medical aid schemes offer incentives for you to go to the gym. Momentum Multiply gives you discounts on gym memberships and fitness assessments and Discovery Health’s Vitality is a well established wellness program that helps you out with everything from groceries to gym membership. Find out what benefits you can get from your medical aid and start using them.

Money down the drain

Not going to the gym, while you still have a subscription, is the definition of an own goal. In fact, it’s two own goals. One, you’re losing money for no reason at all. Two, all the reasons above show that you could be saving money in the long run. There’s just no reason not to go.

Tomorrow is a public holiday. So why don’t you dust off the tekkies and reacquaint yourself with the gym. If you need a reminder, write this down and read it tomorrow:

  • Going to the gym will help me make better financial decisions.
  • Going to the gym will help me in old age.
  • Going to the gym will help me make savings on my medical aid.
  • It’s costing me not to go!

Start sweating those savings!


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