8 Apps For Budget Travel


Recently I ventured off on a budget South African adventure along the coast and had the time of my life, without breaking the bank. As a budget-conscious traveller, I realise what a big difference little savings make. Here are nine great free apps that will help you explore South Africa for less.

Free WiFi Finder

Cost: Free
If you plan on travelling for more than two weeks, you may find that all the browsing and social media updates you’re doing are chewing up your data. That’s where this nifty WiFi finder comes in. This app will help you track down the nearest free WiFi zones in South Africa as well as in 49 other countries around the world.


Cost: Free
Skyscanner is great for finding you the cheapest flights on the market. It’s as simple as that. Over 30 million people have downloaded the app and swear by its service. Since flights are usually one of the singular most expensive things on a trip, a helpful tool like this should be most welcome on your device.

Latest Kruger Sightings

Cost: Free
If you’re planning a self-drive safari in Kruger National Park, then you simply have to download this app. No need to hire a guide if you have Latest Kruger Sightings installed. The app allows the park’s visitors to upload photos of wildlife they have spotted in real-time. So you can use the park map to navigate your way to the spot where travellers have just seen rhino and uploaded it to the app.


Cost: Free
With TripIt you don’t need your own personal assistant to organise your trip details for you. All you have to do is forward your travel confirmation emails to plans@tripit.com and the app sorts out your plans into an organised daily itinerary… for free!


Cost: Free
Kayak is a brilliant comparative tool that finds budget-conscious travellers the best hotel, flight and car rental deals. This kind of app really comes in handy for those who want to plan a budget trip in advance, as well as those who are booking as they travel.


Cost: Free
If you’re planning a trip to Europe, then this is the app you’re going to need. This app will help you communicate with foreigners in French, Spanish and German. SpeakEasy displays words with an easy-to-read phonetics guide so you can pronounce the words you’re trying to say with ease. The phrasebook is also really helpful and works offline and comes with flashcards that will help you learn as you go. This app is a much-needed safety net for those of us who can’t afford a commercial translator.

The South Africa Travel Guide

Cost: Free
Who needs to hire a living, breathing guide to follow you around on your South African adventure when you can just install the South Africa Travel Guide app? The app contains travel information about over 1 500 points of interest throughout South Africa. Did I mention that the South Africa Travel Guide is endorsed by South African Tourism? No? Okay, well it is.

FindMyWay ZA

Cost: Free
FindMyWay ZA is the handiest tool for those who plan on using public transport and routes to get around South Africa on their travels. Information is updated in real-time so you’ll always know when you need to be where. Much like the Gautrain Buddy Lite app, FindMyWay ZA saves you time, which means you have more time to do the things you’re on holiday to do.


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Dalene Ingham-Brown is a travel blogger with a passion for exploring on a budget. As a regular blogger for Discover Africa Group, Dalene gets to do what she loves best – blog about her latest budget travel adventures and more.