3 Budgeting Apps Every Freelancer Needs


Whether you charge per hour, per word, or per kilometre, one thing’s for sure – if you’re a freelancer, time is money. Both of which, we should add, are valuable resources. One, finite. The other? Well.

Traditional corporate jobs can lose their lustre when people get to create their own workspace and dictate their schedule, but freelance freedom comes at a price. And that price is being your own boss. Which sounds great until you flip it on its head and realise you’re your own, and only, employee.

You are responsible for keeping yourself motivated to keep the ship afloat and manage everything somebody else used too. Like making sure you get paid. And, unfortunately, budgeting can drop down low on the endless list of responsibilities. But, it need not, if you have these budgeting apps for freelancers in your back pocket.

The 3 Top Budgeting Apps For Freelancers

1. 22Seven

22Seven is sort of incredible. It’s a money management app that syncs all of your account data, including bank accounts, store cards, investments, and rewards, in real time. You can see all your financial behaviour in easy-to-understand, colour-coded splendour.

The app gives you an honest overview of your (actual) net value, and shows you what you have, and what you owe, in total. It automatically recognises your spending and sorts it out for you. You can even make custom spending categories and teach the app what to put in there.

Making a budget requires those 10 minutes you never have, so the app generates a budget for you automatically! Based on your personal spending behaviour. It shows you what you’ve already spent, what you’re going to spend, and what’s free for the next week or month.

22Seven also nudges you with personal observations, relevant to you, that helps you manage your money better. The app highlights things you may not otherwise have known or noticed, and helps you find money to save or invest, because you can finally see where all your money is going.

And with all of your expenses already categorised in the 22Seven app, you can save on a tax practitioner, and do your own taxes this year.

2. Wave

Wave is a free, easy online accounting software for small business owners and freelancers to manage the money side of their businesses. Invoicing, accounting, payroll, and receipt scanning can all be done from the comfort of this app. You can even lend and accept credit card payments.

Wave also tracks income and expenses, but not with as much detail as 22Seven. You can preload your clients details for quick and easy invoicing, and you can customise professional-looking invoices. That’s a game changer. 2.2 Million customers, and $21 billion in invoices sent annually, seem to concur.

While technically not a budgeting app, Wave does allow you to keep track of which invoices have or have not been paid and sends out automatic friendly reminders to clients before payment is due. Because, if you don’t get paid, you don’t have a budget. 

3. Freedom

With no boss to monitor how much time you spend on social media, Facebook can become a threat to your livelihood. Although also not a budgeting app, Freedom does hold you to account for your time spent on the internet. You can say it helps you budget your focused, productive hours.

Freedom blocks the Internet, social media, and other apps for set periods of time on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac and Windows computers. You can switch it on when you need it, or schedule your focused time in advance, so you can get work done faster, away from the distractions that your smart devices pose.

Freedom isn’t free (ain’t that the truth!), but it’s relatively cheap for the annual subscription, which works out to $2.42 per month. Seeing as you’ll be spending more time actually working with this one, we think it’s a worthwhile investment.


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